We typically do not accept returns.

We factor the environment into every business decision we make: how will this help or harm the earth? The fact of the matter is that online retail returns are harmful to the environment. Reverse logistics (a.k.a. returns) generate 5 billion pounds of landfill waste per year in the U.S. The trucks involved in reverse logistics burn roughly 1.6 billion gallons of diesel fuel, resulting in 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. And in 2017, 11.3% of all purchases were returned, amounting to $380 billion worth of goods. That's fucked up.

We want to encourage more mindful consumption than these stats reflect. And we don’t want to contribute to the increasing effects of reverse logistics. This is why we do not accept returns.

That said, if you have any issues with our products, please email us at and we will address these on a case-by-case basis.

*Sales are final on discounted sale items and cannot be returned.