Pre-Order Information

The fashion industry is a dirty one, we are well aware. In fact, the clothing industry is regarded as one of the most environmentally damaging and inhumane industries in the world. In an effort to wholeheartedly stand by our mission, we have decided to implement a pre-sale to help reduce unwanted and unpurchased sizes and styles. 
In addition to a pre-order to help minimize waste, we choose manufacturers with organic, natural fibers. Cotton & bamboo are natural (non-synthetic) materials, making them incredibly environmentally friendly. The reason we stand by organic fabrics is because the production is even friendlier to the environment. It doesn't damage the soil, it has less impact on the air, it uses 88% less water, and 62% less energy. Lastly, no toxic chemicals means that organic cotton is not only safe for the planet, but for YOU.
Our bamboo tees are made entirely of natural fibers and zero synthetic fibers, making their creation gentler on Mama Earth. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, these tanks are breathable, absorbent, & moisture wicking.