Our Process

1- Ethically sourced blanks

We purchase our blank garments from two companies that produces their garments in international WRAP certified factories. Yearly audits ensure that their suppliers are paying fair wages and providing a healthy and safe work environment.

The blanks we use are made from a recycled plastic fabric, REPREVE, which is produced using a technology that transforms plastic bottles into polyester fibers, which are then spun into yarn and knit into fabric. Watch the process here.

2- Water based ink production

Once we receive the garments, we begin our printing process. We use water based ink instead of plastic based ink, a.k.a. plastisol. In doing so, we eliminate the potentially negative impacts that plastisol can have on our employees, the environment, and you!

Toxic chemicals are released throughout the production of PVC, a key ingredient to plastisol ink. Then phthalate toxins, common in many plastisols, are released into the environment during the screen printing and curing processes, and potentially even while wearing screen printed garments in extreme heat or during laundering. Lastly, further potentially toxic chemicals are needed to clean plastisol ink off of printing equipment, and all of these chemicals have the potential to infiltrate our waterways when not properly handled. In other words, plastisol ink affects people and the planet at nearly every step, from making it to using it to laundering it.

While water based inks are imperfect, they are far less harmful to people or the planet. Water based ink is comprised of naturally occurring substances and only requires water for clean up. The remaining substances are then filtered out during clean up and disposed of properly so that they don’t enter the water system.

3- No plastic used in production or post-production

In an effort to reduce, and ideally eliminate, our use of single-use plastics, we do not individually package our garments in plastic. Throughout production and post-production, shirts are sorted, transported, and stored in cardboard boxes that are recycled at the end of their life with GTFO.

4- 100% Recycled mailers

Once you place your order online, we package it up in a mailer made from 100% recycled materials. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. To sweeten the deal, the mailers have not one, but TWO self-sealing strips to enable re-use. So don’t rip your package open! Pull it open along the perforated line at the top to preserve the integrity of the mailer for re-use. Then when it comes time that you need to mail something yourself, pull it out and give it a second life!

5- No returns

We factor the environment into every business decision we make: how will this help or harm the earth? The fact of the matter is that online retail returns are harmful to the environment. Reverse logistics (a.k.a. returns) generate 5 billion pounds of landfill waste per year in the U.S. The trucks involved in reverse logistics burn roughly 1.6 billion gallons of diesel fuel, resulting in 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. And in 2017, 11.3% of all purchases were returned, amounting to $380 billion worth of goods.

We want to encourage more mindful consumption than these stats reflect. And we don’t want to contribute to the increasing effects of reverse logistics. This is why we do not accept returns. That said, if you have any issues with our products, please email us at hi@wildlyoffensive.com and we will address these on a case-by-case basis.