Our Promise

We are a triple bottom line business, meaning that we are not only driven by profit, but also by our impact on people and on the planet. We strive to do our part in protecting the planet, and to inspire you to believe that you can too. We believe in being both environmentally and socially responsible and pride ourselves on being champions of environmental stewardship and equitable access to the outdoors.

As you already know, we are down with the environment, sustainability, wellness, and offensive language. We clearly do things a little differently around here. We are flipping the fucking script on how we talk about the great outdoors. We know it’s a bit aggressive, but that’s the point.

We use profanity and verbal “abuse” to influence and create change. As responsible nature lovers, we are committed to not only creating other responsible nature lovers, but to starting conversations about environmental issues, then actually doing something about these issues. Powerful conversation can arise from an article of clothing. Every time you wear one of our products, you are given the opportunity to talk about how it was made, the cause it benefits, or both.

Nature takes care of us in many ways and it is now more important than ever for us to take care of nature in return. We do this not only through our zero-waste production process and upcycled garments, but by financially supporting organizations dedicated to people and planet with 10% of our sales annually. Every purchase is not only able to drive awareness, but able to directly support the organizations that are saving the things we love most.

In the words of environmental and human rights activist Céline Semaan, “everything we make returns to the earth as either food or poison. The world we want to live in is a world where we create things that are good for the earth and good for the people”.

Core Values 

Environmental Sustainability/Stewardship

Mother Nature. Mama Earth. Whatever you want to call her, it is our duty to protect her. We must leave the space taking care of us better than how we find it, always. Since we promote the health of the planet in our branding, we walk the walk in our business practices. We not only prioritize sustainable materials, but sustainable production. We are constantly working to improve our products and their impact on the planet. We continuously strive to create zero waste by utilizing post-consumer and recyclable packaging.


Each purchase provides much needed funding to help various organizations carry out their mission in preserving and protecting both planet and people. Your purchase directly drives awareness not only financially, but by starting a conversation around its cause. Believe it or not, your fuck shirt presents you with the opportunity to help people change their habits.

Social Justice, Inclusion, & Diversity

We believe it is our duty to use our voice and platform in order to work towards a fair and just outdoor world that celebrates equality. We embrace and celebrate diversity, as we truly believe the outdoors should be accessible to everyone. All people should have equal opportunity to health and nature.


We firmly believe in the notion that we are stronger in numbers and that it takes a village to make change. Sure, we can all make small changes to our everyday lives that will benefit the environment, but need to create mass movement more than anything.  We strive to cultivate and nourish community and inspire collective action at every level. By doing so, we are able to work together toward global solutions.